Keep Your Floors Looking Like New with Surface Protection

Keep Your Floors Looking Like New with Surface Protection

Keeping a large facility in top working condition can be a difficult and expensive undertaking. Whether it’s a school, an office building, or a hospital, the maintenance costs divert an organization’s limited resources away from providing services.

Damage to flooring can quickly lead to significant maintenance expenses. The wear and tear of moving equipment, chairs, desks, and tables back and forth can be significant. Legs and edges can grind grit and debris into the floor’s finish, scrape and scratch the flooring itself, or snag the carpet.

Minimize floor maintenance costs
A good way to minimize maintenance and to prevent scratches and other damage from ruining your flooring is to add a barrier between the floor and the furniture. By adding floor protection products to the legs, casters, and sides of equipment and furniture, you can assure there is a buffer between those surfaces and the floor. There are a number of floor protection options available including tap-on, slip-on, wrap-around, clear-sleeve, and more.

  • Slip-on pads fit over the furniture leg and provide a snug fit.
  • Wrap-around pads are designed for tables and chairs with sled bases. They wrap around the bars that come in contact with your floors.
  • Stick-on pads are probably the most familiar type of floor protection. They simply stick onto the bottom of furniture legs or surfaces.
  • Floor protection for carpet allows you to move large items without tearing the flooring and can prevent large items from falling during the moving process.
  • Tap-on products usually attach to the equipment legs with a small tack or nail. They work best with large items you don’t move often.

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